Self-Selected Reading in Our Classrooms

Self-selected reading is often seen as the easiest literacy block.  However, to develop a student’s love of reading requires careful resource curation and an awareness of their interests and preferences.  Below is a checklist I use with teachers in working through the self-selected reading block in their classroom. The two main guiding rules are: It

Picture Books for Older Readers

I often get asked for suggestions of picture books for older readers.  Books, written at a simple level, that have content to appeal to teenagers or adults. Tar Heel Reader is the best source I’ve found for books like this – but there are also many commercially available books that meet this need. The fabulous

Self-selected Reading for Early Readers of All Ages

Today’s post is brought to you by the two guiding rules of self-selected reading. It isn’t self-selected if you don’t choose it yourself. You can’t get better at it if it’s too hard. One of the literacy activities that we want students to engage in is self-selected reading. Self-selected reading has many purposes: it gives

Letter of the Week: Resources for Older Students

This year, I’m working with quite a few teachers who have older students in their class who need to improve their recognition of the letters of the alphabet.  They need to be able to instantly and quickly identify letters so that they can move further along their journey of becoming readers and writers. This means