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PODD communication books in Mind Express 5

Like many people working with individuals who cannot rely on speech alone to be heard and understood, I regularly make PODD books and other more complex low tech AAC resources. In May this year, I was involved in running an AAC camp in France. For this camp Helen Tainsh, Mathilde Mella and myself produced a

PCS High Contrast: A valuable resource

This morning I have been making up a couple of communication books that I want to trial with students in the coming term. The following photo of my dining table is submitted as evidence! (And I'm hoping the Christmas decoration still on the table is extra proof that I actually took this photo today!) I

Making Up a Guided Reading Pack

Please note: The guided reading packs are no longer available.  Additionally, I no longer recommend this process as so many students now have access to robust AAC.  Guided reading is now called comprehension instruction - see https://www.comprehensiveliteracy.com/comprehension.html On my website I have a number of Guided Reading Packs for download.  These are resources I've made

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Unus Tactus - a new simple phone App

Unus Tactus is a really fabulous new App for the iPhone - which allows a user to access a simple picture based phone directory to make calls. Creating an entry is short and simple - just press the plus icon at the top of the screen and add a new person - type their name,