Unus Tactus – a new simple phone App

Unus Tactus is a really fabulous new App for the iPhone – which allows a user to access a simple picture based phone directory to make calls.

Unus Tactus Dialling Screenshot E1392464453635 100x100

Creating an entry is short and simple – just press the plus icon at the top of the screen and add a new person – type their name, their number and assign a photo. Once an entry has been created, just press picture on the screen and the iPhone automatically dials that person.

Once you have hung up, the phone opens on the Contacts page of your iPhone. This is the one thing I would like to see changed – it would be great if it returned to the Unus Tactus App instead at this point.  However, if the user is used to switching between Apps this wouldn’t be a problem – they can just open Unus Tactus up again next time they want to make a call.

In addition to the simple, photo based dialling, Unus Tactus has a couple of other clever features. A Help button at the bottom is programmed with an emergency contact. The emergency contact receives both a phone call and an email when the Help button is pressed.  Unfortunately, I had set this up with my husband’s details and accidentally called and emailed him in the middle of the meeting – but it definitely worked!

And finally, Unus Tactus also has an intruiging feature called GeoFence.  GeoFence allows you to set a perimeter (in miles) outside which the phone shouldn’t wander.  Distances between 1 mile and 15 miles can be set.  If the phone goes outside the GeoFence, a popup appears on the iPhone saying “It appears you have gone outside your GeoFence area. An email has been sent to your emergency contact”.  And – yes – my poor husband got yet another email!  I can see that this feature could be a good one if you were concerned about the person using the phone wandering e.g. person with dementia. However, for it to work the phone would need to be with the person and the App would need to remain open.

In terms of a wish list for this App – it would be great if one day this App included switch access with scanning – which would provide access to the iPhone as a phone for many people with physical disabilities.  However, even without switch access this is an excellent App offering simple picture based phone dialling for the iPhone – and I’m sure it will be a great option for many users.  For more information, including more screen shots, please check out the Unus Tactus website.

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  1. Jeanette Davies


    I know exactly how I could use this App!!
    I’ve actually been using personally an App called SuperDial which was one of the first apps ever created. This one takes it a few steps further to really assist those people who care for people who need to be supported.
    Very good find!

  2. Reply

    Thanks Jeanette! Also – my husband just got home and showed me the 26 emails he had received today from this app. It had notified him (as my emergency contact) of every phone call I made, who I made it to and how long it went for. Plus a bundle of other things. I’ve emailed the developer to see if there is a way to make those notifications optional. I can’t see any way to do it in the settings – and I think some carers would get very sick of all those emails and then the important ones might get missed! Also I think there are some privacy concerns. Of course – some people might appreciate knowing all those details. I’ll let you know once I hear back.

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