Hello Book in PowerPoint

A couple of weeks ago I shared a week of emergent literacy planning on the topic of greetings, using a book I wrote called “Hello”.

After downloading and using the planning, a couple of fabulous parents had requests. One of them (Hi Jules) wanted an editable version of the high contrast book that she could edit to put photos of family members and friends into.

The other (Hi Violeta) wanted a version that she could translate into Dutch.

So I have converted both the regular contrast and high contrast books into PowerPoint – and you can download them as a resource from the original page or I’ve put them below. Hope you find them useful as well!

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  1. Leanne McDonnell


    Hi Jane. Do find your resources and knowledge so invaluable. Just wondering if you have a weekly planning sheet to use for the shared book and/or for letter /sound focus?

    Thank you.

  2. Mary Baumann-Spooner


    Thanks Jane for sharing your knowledge and creativity with us!!! So helpful

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