Switch Accessible Apps List: Updated!


Updated to add: The Switch Accessible Apps List has been discontinued.

It has been quite some time since we updated our switch accessible apps list  – nearly 18 months in fact!  During this time we have been focusing on the Switch Control built into iOS and learning the range of options it now provides.  However we definitely recognise that there is still a place for those apps that have simpler switch options for individuals who are learning to use a switch and so we decided it was time for a long overdue update!

Since the last (long ago) update, we have found 47 new apps with inbuilt switch options separate from iOS switch control. These have now all been added to the list, nearly doubling the length of the list and taking the total of switch accessible apps listed to over 100.  And a big thanks to people who have notified us of apps that were missing!

With so many new apps it’s difficult to select highlights – but here’s our attempt!

  • There’s some great new arcade style apps from Zyrobotics – Turtle Invaders is a personal favourite!
  • Inclusive Technology have added several new apps.  Touch to Jump is a great one for teaching the use of two switches.
  • LIFEtool Solutions have also also continued to add switch accessible apps.  Check out TouchMe Pairs for a great switch accessible memory game.
  • The Switch Accessible Mazes series from Judy Lynn Software also offer some great two switch learning activities.
  • Sensory Apps have continued to add to their collection of cause and effect apps, continuing their focus on apps that work well for individuals with a significant vision impairment.
  • MyOwnBooks2go from Creative Communicating is a subscription based eBook library for beginning and emergent readers.
  • Mini Mystery Readers from Attainment contains a number of short, engaging mysteries written at a grade 1 – 4 level.
  • And finally, Breath Music from Ruud van der Wel is the first switch accessible music app we have seen. Switch users can interact with scales and music – best used with 2 switches.

You can get to the switch accessible apps list by clicking on the link “Switch Apps” on any page on this website.  Or you can simply click here.  And thanks (as always) to Alex Dunn who was the original instigator of this list.

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  1. Reply

    This is so incredibly helpful, Jane! Thanks for making the time to put all of this together. I can’t wait to explore some of the new apps that you mentioned!

    • jane


      Thanks Carole. There’s some great new ones – nice to see the range growing so much!

    • jane


      Thanks Tracey! And I’ve just been told of a new one called Match & Find – off to add it as well!

  2. jane


    And I’ve now added an extra 7 apps – thanks for Colin for letting me know about them!

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  4. Reply

    Jane…are all these apps for both apple and chrome devices? OR is there a different list for just chromebook accessibility?
    Thank you

    • jane


      Hi – these are just for iPads and iPhones. I don’t have a list for Chrome, and I don’t know of one. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Jane

  5. Michelle French


    Jane, you are a marvel – thank you so much for this. It makes our work so much easier. PS Do you ever sleep?

    • jane


      I just feel guilty we haven’t updated it for so long! Glad it’s helpful still though 🙂

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