Writing with All Tools Continuum v1.2

I’m very happy to let you all know that version 1.2 of the Writing with All Tools continuum is now available.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and suggestions for the continuum – please keep them coming!!

Watc 285x285

The main changes for v1.2 are:

  • Updated text for some descriptors to clarify some of the questions that have been asked about this. The majority of these are for Group G and above.
  • Updated writing sample examples for some descriptors, again to clarify questions that have been asked. Again, the majority of these are for Group G and above.
  • Following multiple requests, there is now an extra descriptor in Group I. I.2 is a new descriptor for students who are meeting the criteria for Group I but who still need to learn to write with more organisation – basically students who are still learning to write with coherence and cohesion. The original descriptor called I.2 is now I.3 and the original I.3 has now shifted to I.4.
Writing Samples For The Wwatc V1.2 Page 48 285x285

The following documents have been updated for V1.2:

The updated documents are linked to above – and they are also all on the Writing with All Tools Continuum web page at https://www.comprehensiveliteracy.com/writing-with-all-tools-continuum.html#/

And HUGE thanks to Emma Rawnsley for going through the continuum with me in detail, making suggestions and putting up with me! Plus thanks to the students and schools who continue to allow me to use their writing as examples.

Happy Writing all!!

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