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Writing with All Tools Continuum v1.2

I’m very happy to let you all know that version 1.2 of the Writing with All Tools continuum is now available. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and suggestions for the continuum – please keep them coming!! The main changes for v1.2 are: The following documents have been updated for V1.2: The updated documents are

Teaching the Alphabet – With Variety

Many of us work with students who are just starting on their journey of learning the alphabet – or who are at different stages in learning the alphabet. Erickson and Koppenhaver (2019) identified 10 success factors that are important to be included in literacy instruction with students with significant disabilities. Number 3 on this list

Online Course: Introduction to Comprehensive Literacy Instruction v2 now available!

I am delighted to announce that the updated version of the Introduction to Comprehensive Literacy Instruction course is now available! The course is now available for registration at https://janefarrallconsulting.thinkific.com/courses/introduction-to-comprehensive-literacy-instruction-version-2 To get more information about the course you can download the flyer below. An additional flyer around the site licences is also available below. If you

The Problems with Hand-Over-Hand v2.0

Hand-over-hand as a teaching strategy is increasingly being defined as restrictive practice. However, I still find that many people working in this area use hand-over-hand as a teaching strategy without being aware of the problems around it – or the fact that there are other, more effective, teaching strategies. In 2021, I published an Infographic