Communication Access for ALL Students - RICAA 2023

Communication Access means that “everyone can get their message across, no matter how they communicate.”  (SCOPE, Australia) In 1948 the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights recognised communication as a fundamental right and freedom for all of us.  Communication Access is an important follow-on from this declaration.  By aiming for communication accessibility, we recognise that

Writing with All Tools Continuum Webinar

Today I had the pleasure of running a webinar about the Writing with All Tools Continuum. The session included a run through of the continuum, a discussion of some of the documents supporting the continuum and a short moderation at the end. I'm delighted to share the video of the webinar, as well as the

Writing with Adults: Predictable Chart Writing

One of the different types of writing that we want to do every day with every emergent student is Writing with Adults. This is where literacy learners and educators write together as a team to successfully publish a text, which can then be shared with others. One form of Writing with Adults is known as

The Problems with Hand-Over-Hand

Please note: an updated version of this is available at Last week, I made an infographic called "The Problems with Hand-Over-Hand" and shared it on my Facebook page. I've had a few requests from people who couldn't find it on Facebook - and so I've put it up here for easier access. Thanks to

Tools for Writing: a Suggestion and Selection Guide

For many of the students I work with, some of whom have complex communication needs and/or relatively limited experiences of generating language, writing presents many challenges. To develop writing skills they need to learn to generate an idea, to think about language, think about the words, the spelling, controlling their "pencil", etc. For many people,

AGOSCI 2017 Presentations

Today I went to one of my very happy places - an AGOSCI conference.  I love AGOSCI.  The Australian AAC Community is so inclusive and supportive - and extremely clever!  The AGOSCI 2017 conference was fabulous as always - and I'm just sorry that for the first time in 25 years I'm not attending the whole

Tar Heel Gameplay - accessible video games!

I'm very excited to say that there is a new option in the Tar Heel family - Tar Heel Gameplay!  Tar Heel Gameplay lets you create a timed switch version of most videos.  You can link to a video on YouTube and create a switch, touchscreen, keyboard or mouse accessible version of the video in

AAC apps list updated

Updated to add: The AAC Apps list has been discontinued. I'm very pleased to say that I have just updated the AAC apps list again! This time 106 of the existing apps have been updated and there are 23 new apps.  You can see a list of all the Additions and Updates by clicking here.

ISAAC 2014 Handouts

The ISAAC 2014 Conference in Lisbon was fabulous! Big congratulations to the Conference Co-Chairs, Luis Azevedo, Margarida Nunes da Ponte, Pedro Encarnação and Isabel Amaral. Also a big thanks and congratulations to ISAAC, the organisers and everyone involved, including the amazing volunteers who were such good hosts. For those of you who attended my sessions

Brain Computer Interface at ISAAC 2014

Last week I was very fortunate to attend the ISAAC Conference in Portugal.  One of the highlights for me was learning more about Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) and even getting to try one. Dr Melanie Fried-Oken, who is a really fabulous and practical researcher in the area of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) presented about