Getting Hands-On with PODD thanks to Interactive Speech Pathology

This week I have been at the wonderful Joondalup Education Support Centre in Perth, Western Australia.  They have a number of students using AAC systems, including a few who have started recently with Pragmatically Organised Dynamic Display (PODD) books.

One of my favourite resources to share with people who are beginning to use PODD is the fabulous series of “getting hands-on” sheets from Interactive Speech Pathology. I shared them with Joondalup ESC staff of course – but this made me realise that as the list of these increases, that it would be useful to have them pulled together as a resource somewhere.  So – this blog post is my first attempt at this!!

Yvette Theodorsen who runs Interactive Speech Pathology is a fabulous and very practical speech pathologist with a strong interest in AAC – and she does an amazing job with those lucky enough to work with her.  She designed these sheets not just for her clients – but for anyone who is working towards increasing their use of aided language stimulation while learning to use a PODD more fluently.

At this stage, there are 14 sheets.  You can click on the links below to download each one.  Or you can click here to download all 14 – Interactive Speech Pathology PODD focus sheets.

  1. PODD Habits – ensuring your child’s PODD is with them, out, and where possible, visible to them, at all times
  2. Using Chat Words
  3. Providing Partner Assisted Scanning
  4. Commenting and Expressing Opinions
  5. Initiating Communication
  6. Something’s Wrong
  7. Making requests
  8. I’m asking a question – Who?
  9. Requesting actions – Do Something
  10. Using Categories
  11. Verbal referencing
  12. Commenting using descriptions
  13. I have an idea
  14. I want to show you something

Keep up with these as they are added by following Interactive Speech Pathology on Facebook. And once again – a BIG thanks to Yvette for sharing with all of us.

PS The Sound of Music photo is because I went to the Sound of Music in Perth last night with a group of my friends, including Yvette.  Plus, as you can see, we had a goat join us 😉

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  1. Jayne Dlouhy


    Where can I find images to make a communications book for an elderly with dementia?

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