Developmental Writing Instruction: Writing assessment, development, teaching and learning. New Online Course!

I am delighted to announce a new online course focusing just on writing. This 8 hour, self-paced learning course is designed to provide in-depth information, knowledge, resources and support for helping every student to become a better writer, from the earliest emergent writers to conventional writers learning to write more. The course covers: Overview of

Word Walls: Planning a Year of Word Wall

When we work with transitional and conventional literacy learners, we need to ensure that the Working with Words block occurs as part of their daily literacy teaching. The working with words block consists of work in two areas: phonics instruction and sight words.  This blog post will focus on sight words – and the use

Book Tips for Older Readers

I am addicted to listening to audiobooks and Podcasts while gardening - it's my Saturday catch up time! This morning I listened to the current Lomah Podcast episode with the amazing Sally Clendon. If you haven't caught up with this, the Lomah Podcast is running a special 15 episode series at the moment on literacy

Three of my favourites - online presentations

Like many of us, I have been enjoying the number of online conference presentations that are now available, as one of the few positive outcomes from the global COVID-19 pandemic. I have enjoyed so many of these presentations - but I just wanted to share three of my favourites - and explain why they are

2021 Training - Face to Face and Online

In Australia, it's the end of the summer break. We're all heading back to school - hopefully refreshed by some time at home! And I thought it was time for an update on training available through Jane Farrall Consulting. Face-to-Face training We have two literacy intensives planned for 2021 - basically they are the two

The Do's and Don'ts of Writing

Last year, I had a request to make up a Do's and Don't s of Writing poster - and I thought this was a fabulous idea! So, I am happy to present the "Do's and Don'ts of Writing: Supporting all individuals to be better writers." And now, because it wouldn't be me without a whole