Switch Accessible Apps for iPad and iPhone Growing Apace

Please note: the switch accessible apps list has been discontinued

This weekend, Alex Dunn and I have spent some time updating our list of switch accessible apps for iPad and iPhone.  The collection of switch accessible apps for this platform is slowly growing - with 6 new switch accessible apps available since our last update in May. It is worth noting, however, that for the first time all the new switch accessible apps are non-AAC apps. Yay!

"But ...wait a moment," I hear you say. "Don't we now have switch interfaces that give us access to lots of iPad and iPhone apps?"  While that is certainly true, it is also the case that those interfaces generally require the user to have a good understanding of both scanning and of the iOS (see my review of the Switch2Scan or the Tecla Shield switch interfaces for more information). The switch apps on our list are for those who are just learning to operate a switch or who are refining their switch skills.  Or for those who just want a switch for limited applications.  For this reason the apps on our switch accessible apps list are ones that have inbuilt switch access. These might be cause and effect apps that can be operated by an external switch or they might offer one and/or two switch scanning.  There are a range of bluetooth switch interfaces that work with these apps - and information about the interfaces is included on our list. It is likely that this category of apps will continue to grow as they fill a different need to the more comprehensive switch interface options.

As mentioned earlier, for the first time that we have updated the list, none of the new apps are Augmentative and Alternative Communication apps. I was even delighted to see the first pure switch game app in amongst them!

To download the full list please click here - and if you know any switch accessible apps that are missing from our list please let us know!


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  1. Reply

    My pleasure Robin. Hopefully one day switch access will be more standard and there won't be a need for a list like this!

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  3. Cecily


    Hi Jane,

    I was just looking at the Assistive Ware site and it is now saying that Proloquo is switch accessible via a voice- over switch.
    It says, however that it only scans linearly but I was wondering if there were any other ‘catches’ you knew of with this? I’m not too sure of the difference between scanning through voice-over and non-voice over switches
    Thanks so much


    • Reply

      HI Cecily, Unfortunately the use of VoiceOver limits the user to linear scanning - this is due to the nature of VoiceOver. A couple of the interfaces have input for multiple switches e.g. Tecla, Switch2Scan, but this is always limited to linear at this stage. Even the 2 switch scanning isn't "moving and choosing" as we traditionally know it.

  4. Patti Salmonson


    Thanks for the list! Still searching for apps more appropriate for the older students. We like New Age Kurling!

    • Reply

      If we find any we'll update out list Patti - we always post on Facebook and Twitter when we've done an update 🙂 And please let us know if you find more - we'd love to hear about them too.

  5. Sheryl


    I have a 4 year old, and we are looking at buying a switch interface for the iPad and now looking for switch games for iPads. Do you know where else we can find cause and effect switch games for iPad. Thanks

  6. Bonnie


    Do you know if any of these apps or switch adaptations would work with an android system? My school system does not want to use iPads.

    • Reply

      HI Bonnie,

      I believe the Tecla DOS works with Android. I did try the earlier version, the Tecla Shield, with Android but I haven't tried the DOS and I haven't tried either recently. I'm not sure about compatability with the operating system or any apps. I did initially try to keep up with the Android information as well as iOS but all the school I work with are using iPads so I have just focused on that.

      Hope you are able to get more information


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