We're Going on an Alphabet Hunt

A couple of weeks ago I was privileged to be involved with the first AAC Camp at Bullimbal School in Tamworth. I was delighted to work with the amazing staff and students at Bullimbal School. I also got to hang out with the OT with the mostest, Fiona Beauchamp, and my favourite speech pathologist, Helen Tainsh. Thanks so much Tamworth for having us!

One of the activities we did at camp was an alphabet hunt. It was so much fun, I thought I'd share it with you all.

We started the activity by doing a shared reading with the book "We're Going on an Alphabet Hunt". I wrote this for the activity and created a graphic for each letter of the alphabet, (I might have had a little too much fun doing this), and then used these to illustrate the book. The graphics were also printed as single pages and posted around the school at the different clue locations!

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We're going on an Alphabet Hunt from Jane Farrall

During the shared reading, we focused on the letters we would be looking for during the letter hunt, and the letters of the campers names.

After the shared reading, each camper was handed a clue for their starting point. Each student got a different starting point. Helen wrote the clues, directing them to use their knowledge of the school to figure out where to go.

                                                                                                        H is for Hall

Once the camper navigated to their first clue, there were 3 different posters, each featuring a different letter of the alphabet.

Once the student found the letter mentioned on their clue, in this case the letter H, then their next clue was attached to it. They then moved onto the next location and the next letter!

At the very end, they needed to complete the last instruction, and hand in all their clues to finish. To do this they needed to find "the man who starts with B" - their principal, Brett.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our alphabet hunt - and that you go on some great alphabet hunts yourself!

If you'd like the resources we made for the activity then you can download them below:


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