What Did I See? A story about things that float.

A couple of days ago Beenleigh Special School wrote about a poster their school nurse, Lisa, found in the back of her cupboard. They shared this with all of us on their Facebook page. And just so you get the context, here’s a copy of the poster.

The Bristol Stool Form Scale for children

This started a discussion about writing a book to go along with the poster – which, perhaps strangely, was my first thought when I saw it! Thanks to Rebecca Cuneen, Laura Pengelly Jones and Lana Jones for egging me on. So, without further introduction, here is “What did I see? A story about things that float“.

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And I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!!

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  1. Kathie


    What Did I See? Great rhyming story .. maybe a little educational info for the reading adult could be added. Eg Type 3 & 4 are normal but if you see Type 1 or 2 its a sign of constipation and the child (or Grandma!) is maybe not drinking enough water or eating enough hi-fibre foods. 🙂

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