Building Language Through Emergent Writing

This is the third and final video I’ll be sharing from the Angelman UK 2019 Communication and Literacy Conference.

This presentation focuses on the importance of emergent writing for each and every individual to develop as a writer. It also talks about how writing, like all the other areas of literacy, has a reciprocal relationship with language development and how participating in regular writing activities also support language development.

Writing is the area of literacy that I struggled with the most in the beginning. I struggled to figure out how to get it happening with the many different students I supported. I struggled to believe that it was just as important as reading. I struggled to figure out how to implement it in the daily programs. It took me years to figure all of that out – and each year I learn more.

Writing is critical – it is just as important as reading and needs just as much attention. And, like reading, it is important in language development. So – let’s get writing!

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  1. carolyn italiano


    Thank you so much for sharing these. Wonderful presentations indeed. Great pyjama PD.

  2. Levi Herring


    Thank you for the presentation. It is very helpful to my students this year 2022.

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