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PODD communication books in Mind Express 5

Like many people working with individuals who cannot rely on speech alone to be heard and understood, I regularly make PODD books and other more complex low tech AAC resources. In May this year, I was involved in running an AAC camp in France. For this camp Helen Tainsh, Mathilde Mella and myself produced a

Online Course: Introduction to Comprehensive Literacy Instruction v2 now available!

I am delighted to announce that the updated version of the Introduction to Comprehensive Literacy Instruction course is now available! The course is now available for registration at https://janefarrallconsulting.thinkific.com/courses/introduction-to-comprehensive-literacy-instruction-version-2 To get more information about the course you can download the flyer below. An additional flyer around the site licences is also available below. If you

Communication Access for ALL Students – RICAA 2023

Communication Access means that “everyone can get their message across, no matter how they communicate.”  (SCOPE, Australia) In 1948 the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights recognised communication as a fundamental right and freedom for all of us.  Communication Access is an important follow-on from this declaration.  By aiming for communication accessibility, we recognise that

AAC: Creating Systems for Individual Success. RICAA Conference 2023

In May, I was honoured to present the opening Keynote address at Rencontres Internationales des Communications Alternatives et Améliorées (RICAA) in Toulouse. I wanted to start by saying a huge thank-you to the conference organisers for inviting me! Merci beaucoup!! The focus for my presentation was communication autonomy – and the importance of using the

The Problems with Hand-Over-Hand v2.0

Hand-over-hand as a teaching strategy is increasingly being defined as restrictive practice. However, I still find that many people working in this area use hand-over-hand as a teaching strategy without being aware of the problems around it – or the fact that there are other, more effective, teaching strategies. In 2021, I published an Infographic