Connect2Educate: AAC and iPads in the Classroom

Today I presented with Fiona Barron from Malkara Specialist School at the AGOSCI 2013 Biennial Conference. Last year Fiona had a whole class of students who used iPads with Proloquo2Go as their high technology communication device - and the presentation today was shared the journey in her classroom with the delegates at the conference.

The presentation is below (minus videos) and I've also put the links from the presentation underneath the slides for easier access.

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And the links are:

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  1. Mark


    Do you keep a running list of AAC apps for android? My son loves to use AAC Autism myVoiceCommunicator from Google Play:

    It's also available for kindle fire through the Amazon marketplace here:

    I would like to find more though. Thanks!

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