ISTE Webinar on iOS6 Accessibility and Alternative Access to the iPad

Last week I was lucky enough to team up with Luis Perez and deliver a webinar for the International Society on Technology in Education (ISTE) Special Education Technology Special Interest Group (SETSIG).

The ISTE SETSIG has now made the resources from this webinar available on their website.  You can access the webinar recording, the PowerPoint and the handout at (updated to add – these resources are no longer available)

During the webinar Luis presented first on inbuilt iOS accessibility, focusing on the new features included in iOS6 including Guided Access and the new features in Assistive Touch. In the second part of the webinar I presented information about alternative access – switch accessible apps, switch interfaces and switch/joystick access through VoiceOver.

Hope you find these resources useful. It’s very generous of the ISTE SETSIG to make these resources available beyond their members and if you check out their wiki you will see a host of other resources available there too


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