New website: Comprehensive Literacy for ALL

For the last couple of months I have been working on a new resource for the schools I work with.

Recently I’ve had a bit more quality time to work on it (for some reason)! As a result, it is now finished and ready to share – and given the current situation I’ve decided to share it with everyone in case it is helpful.

So, I’m very proud to share my new website –

I hope you find it helpful and useful!

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Comments (6)

  1. Karen Forrest


    Hi. I can’t get on to the website because it says it needs a password?

    • jane


      Hi Karen – you’re fast!! I had it password protected while I was working on it but I turned it off an hour or so ago. However, I just investigate and apparently it can take a little while for the change to show online. So they suggested you refresh your browser. Or you can just use the password which is “comprehensive”. Sorry about that! Jane

  2. Tracey Banks


    Hi Jane – our QLD Department filtering system is blocking for the moment but I have requested it be unblocked – Just FYI because I know many will want to access it and run into the same issues 🙂

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