AAC and my Mum

My mother has Alzheimers. She has had it for several years but this year she has deteriorated rapidly. She has developed complex communication needs as this has happened. She struggles to find words and often can’t finish a sentence as she forgets where her sentence is going.  She can no longer tell all the funny

What is “Beginning AAC”?

In May this year David Niemeijer from AssistiveWare and I did a presentation at the AGOSCI Conference on the Do’s and Don’ts of Implementing Real Communication Through AAC. We created a poster to accompany that blog post – and this is one of the follow ups to the poster.   One of the things I

Implementation of iPads for AAC in a Specialist School

  I recently had an article published in Perspectives on AAC that I wanted to share here as I thought it could be useful for others who are on the same journey.  You can access the original article at http://sig12perspectives.pubs.asha.org/article.aspx?articleid=2322984. And to give you a visual to go with the article – the video below

AAC apps list updated

Updated to add: The AAC Apps list has been discontinued. I’m very pleased to say that I have just updated the AAC apps list again! This time 106 of the existing apps have been updated and there are 23 new apps.  You can see a list of all the Additions and Updates by clicking here.

Using the AAC apps list

Updated to add: The AAC Apps list has been discontinued It’s October, so it’s International AAC Awareness Month. As a result I thought it was time to blog about one of the most accessed resources on this website – the AAC apps list. Earlier this year we needed to do some changes to the AAC

Connect2Educate: AAC and iPads in the Classroom

Today I presented with Fiona Barron from Malkara Specialist School at the AGOSCI 2013 Biennial Conference. Last year Fiona had a whole class of students who used iPads with Proloquo2Go as their high technology communication device – and the presentation today was shared the journey in her classroom with the delegates at the conference. The

Apps for AAC: Adding iPads to your AAC Toolkit

Today I am delighted and honoured to be presenting a pre-conference workshop at the 2013 AGOSCI Conference in Sydney with Janelle Sampson from Two Way Street and Kelly Moore from the Independent Living Centre in Western Australia. Below are links to the presentation resources. Part 1: Display content from SlideShare Click here to display content