Hello Book – in Dutch and Spanish

A few weeks ago I shared a week of emergent literacy planning on the topic of greetings, using a book I wrote called “Hello”.

As I’ve mentioned before, I had a request from the fabulous Violeta for a PowerPoint version that she could translate into Dutch. Not only has she translated it but she has given me permission to share it here as well in case it helps any of you. Thanks Violeta!

And she also shared some photos of using the book with her daughter. I loved seeing how she has customised it using photos. And it’s great to see a snippet of Predictable Chart Writing happening too!

Once I shared it as a PowerPoint, Claudia also contacted me with her translation of the book into Spanish. These are also shared below in case any of you are interested.

And Claudia also shared a photo of the high contrast Spanish book in use. Thank-you Claudia!!!!!

I’m so delighted that people are using this book and the planning that goes with it. And, as always, I’m impressed with our amazing AAC community who are always happy to share and work with each other.


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