AAC and my Mum

My mother has Alzheimers. She has had it for several years but this year she has deteriorated rapidly. She has developed complex communication needs as this has happened. She struggles to find words and often can't finish a sentence as she forgets where her sentence is going.  She can no longer tell all the funny

Self-Selected Reading in Our Classrooms

Self-selected reading is often seen as the easiest literacy block.  However, to develop a student's love of reading requires careful resource curation and an awareness of their interests and preferences.  Below is a checklist I use with teachers in working through the self-selected reading block in their classroom. The two main guiding rules are: It

AAC apps list updated

Updated to add: The AAC Apps list has been discontinued. I'm very pleased to say that I have just updated the AAC apps list again! This time 106 of the existing apps have been updated and there are 23 new apps.  You can see a list of all the Additions and Updates by clicking here.

Switch Accessible Apps List: Updated!

  Updated to add: The Switch Accessible Apps List has been discontinued. It has been quite some time since we updated our switch accessible apps list  - nearly 18 months in fact!  During this time we have been focusing on the Switch Control built into iOS and learning the range of options it now provides. 

Keedogo & Keedogo Plus: Custom Keyboards for the iPad

Recently Apple released iOS8 - and once again there were a number of accessibility features added with this update. For a round up of accessibility changes and additions check out the excellent summary from AbleNet - iOS8 Accessibility. One of the new features is the ability for developers to create their own onscreen keyboards for

Using the AAC apps list

Updated to add: The AAC Apps list has been discontinued It's October, so it's International AAC Awareness Month. As a result I thought it was time to blog about one of the most accessed resources on this website - the AAC apps list. Earlier this year we needed to do some changes to the AAC