Switch Accessible Apps List: Updated!

  Updated to add: The Switch Accessible Apps List has been discontinued. It has been quite some time since we updated our switch accessible apps list  – nearly 18 months in fact!  During this time we have been focusing on the Switch Control built into iOS and learning the range of options it now provides. 

How do I use a switch with an iPad? iOS 7 Overview

The latest operating system for the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, iOS 7, has introduced some major changes to the accessibility of these devices.  In particular, switch access is now built right into the accessibility options, providing operating system level alternative access to these tablet devices for the first time – and this update is the main purpose

Zybox for iOS – updated and upgraded!

Please note: this product has been discontinued The Zybox for iOS is a switch interface from Zygo that uses VoiceOver to control the iOS and any VoiceOver compatible apps on your iPad or iPhone. I reviewed it earlier this year and posted a blog about it on the 31st of March. However, the Zybox has

SimplyWorks for iPad Part 1: Switch Access

SimplyWorks for iPad is another iPad switch interface option from Pretorian. It offers control of music, videos, VoiceOver keyboard options for scanning, switch accessible apps, the iPad camera shutter function and iBooks. It can be paired with a SimplyWorks keyboard, SimplyWorks Joystick or SimplyWorks switch – thereby providing a range of iPad alternative control options.