Online Course: Introduction to Comprehensive Literacy Instruction for students with CCN

I am absolutely delighted to say that I have just published my first online course! It's been a labour of love - and I have a huge sense of achievement for completing it!!

I've had a number of requests recently for more online learning options - and I've also had a number of requests for an introductory online course that new staff at a school can complete. So - I've combined those requests and here it is!

The course is an introductory one, focusing on comprehensive literacy instruction for students with complex communication needs (CCN). The course is the equivalent to a full day workshop on the subject - and contains information about comprehensive literacy instruction with both emergent and conventional literacy learners.

The course takes around 6 hours to complete and can be undertaken in one day or over a 6 month period. You will have unlimited access to the course content for 6 months. This includes:

  • Video modules on all topics
  • Handouts to download
  • Extra information and resources in each area

To complete the course you need to watch each of the video modules on the main topics. These topics are:

  • Introduction to Literacy for Students with CCN
  • Emergent Literacy: Overview
  • Emergent Literacy: Shared reading
  • Emergent Literacy: Writing
  • Emergent Literacy: Working with Letters and Sounds
  • Emergent Literacy: Independent Reading
  • Conventional Literacy: Overview
  • Conventional Literacy: Comprehension Instruction
  • Conventional Literacy: Working with Words
  • Conventional Literacy: Writing
  • Conventional Literacy: Independent Reading

Once you have completed the course, you will be issued with a certificate of completion.


  • Professional $180 for 6 months access to content
  • Parent/Carer $90 for 6 months access to content
  • For costs for a school site licence for all staff please download the site licence information below or email

To register visit

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Comments (14)

  1. Arya Manoharan


    Hi.. i am interested in joining the course. How can i join. I couldn't find any course registration details

  2. Anthea Herft


    Hi Jane, is it too late to start this course? Also, I wonder how useful it would be for someone who uses eye-gaze with Grid 3.

    • jane


      Hi Anthea, the course is self-paced and you can start it at any time. You have 6 months to complete it. The course is aimed at helping the teams around people who use AAC to learn more about comprehensive literacy instruction - it isn't device or system dependent in any way. Jane

  3. Gina


    Hi, do you know if any Speech Language Pathologists have had success using this course as a continuing education unit for our national organization ASHA?

    • jane


      HI Gina, I don't know - sorry. I think I've only had one other person ask about that.

  4. Christine Kirk


    Hi Jane, i have just completed this course and it was simply wonderful, I have so much to be able to take back to my school in the ACT.
    Can you tell me, is your course TQI accredited?

    • jane


      Hi Christine,

      I don't believe it is. I did use to have accreditation but I haven't heard from them for quite some time so I would imagine it has lapsed.

      Glad you enjoyed the course 🙂



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